Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's All About the BIG Reveal

HELLOOOO PEOPLE! As some of you may know I haven't blogged in awhile because I was in beautiful Barbados. Tommy and I had a wonderful/romantic/adventurous/magical time. We started the "baby making" process and hopefully I become pregnant soon! And when I do get pregnant all of you will have to wait three months until I announce the best news of my life. (This three month rule does not apply to my husband, mom, sister, and other close family and friends). It will be hard for me to keep this news in, but I'm good at keeping secrets. I want to follow the three month "rule" for a couple of main reasons.

1. The concern for a miscarriage. The first three months are considered high risk for miscarriage. After the first trimester, the risk for miscarriage drops dramatically. If a miscarriage does occur, it's better that my close family and friends are the only ones who know. I don't need to be overwhelmed by an abundant amount of people who know about the situation. Hopefully, I don't have to worry about a miscarriage, but it's good to be aware about the possibility.

2. Waiting three months before announcing my pregnancy to the world will delay the extra advice from trillions of people. I know people are going to put in their two cents anyway, but unless you're my doctor, my mom, or I ask for advice, I probably won't need it. Plus I pretty much know what I want to do when it comes to my baby. Also, the extra time will give Tommy and I a real serious chance to plan and prepare for this life changing event. Like deciding when to take maternity leave, prepare the nursery, write out the birth plan, and visit the hospital.

So I already mentioned that Tommy will be the first to know I'm pregnant and I'm going to deliver the news in a special way. Tommy reads my blog so I can't go into detail about what I plan on doing, but I have a couple of good tricks up my sleeve. I have at least three excellent ideas, but I'm not sure which one to use yet.  Don't worry... after I tell Tommy I will share how I revealed the news to him. I will also share the ideas I didn't choose. You will just have to wait.

After the first trimester is over and we are ready to tell the world the news about our new arrival...it will be announced in (of course) a special way! Again, I have some ideas that I can't share yet because I want my family and friends to be surprised by the announcement. I can let you know that it will be some sort of card so I can mail it. And again, you will just have to wait.

Enough with the secrets. Let's write about something I can share. After I announce my pregnancy to my husband and everyone else, I plan on having a huge GENDER REVEAL PARTY!! I want to know the gender of my baby (obviously) and gender reveal parties are the latest trend. I am in love with this idea...It's exciting, suspenseful, and fun! There are so many themes, games, and different ways to reveal if the baby is a girl or a boy. 

Here are some ideas:

Theme 1: Pink or Blue. I like this theme, it's simple and there's a lot of room to be creative.

Gender reveal

This is a cute favor
Gender Reveal Owl Baby Shower #owlbabyshower #genderreveal
Gender reveal @Candace Renee younce @Chanelle poche

Candy Bar/Buffet
Gender reveal party ideas ---Blue/ Pink Cotton Candy
Invitation- Have guests wear pink or blue to represent what they think the gender is  
Gender Reveal Party Baby Shower Invitations.  $1.90

This is cute and easy to keep track of what people think the gender is, if you are wearing pink put a tally mark under girl and if you are wearing blue, put a tally mark under boy.

Baby Gender Reveal Party

CUTE- buttons!


Theme 2: Mustache VS. Pink Bow/or/ Mustache VS. Lips /or/ Bow Tie VS. Tutu

Hostess with the Mostess® - Gender Reveal Party

gender reveal party cookies
Mister or Miss Chalkboard Sign - gender reveal party decor. Love the idea of ties or bows for decor.  Would be funny to make guests wear a tie or bow.

Theme 3: Animals.. Snake VS. Flamingo /or/ Grass hopper VS. Lady bug /or/ Caterpillar VS. Butterfly

no pictures because I just made that up, hahaha.


Gender Reveal 1: Balloons
Balloons in a box gender reveal session I want to do this for number two! @Katey Tyksinski Tyksinski Dager will you do this for me?

Gender Reveal 2: Cake/Cookies/Cupcakes
When your doctor and determine the gender of your baby, have him/her write girl or boy on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. Then bring the envelope to a bakery and have the baker make a cake, cupcakes, or cookies ...blue on the inside if he is a boy, pink if she is a girl. Then during the party, cut it in front of everyone!

Baby gender reveal cake
The Cookie Puzzle: Gender Reveal Cookies
Gender reveal cupcakes
Gender Reveal 3: Paint

Gender Reveal- Paint fight

Painting war to reveal baby's gender

Gender Reveal 4: Confetti

Confetti Balloon Revealers for Gender Reveal Parties. My boys would LOVE this...

There are sooo many more ideas out there. I just thought these were cute! I better start saving money now.. =D