Monday, August 15, 2016

Baby #2 Overview Weeks: Thirty-Four, Thirty-Five, and Thirty-Six

Week 34: This week Tommy and I spray painted the wooden letters (L-E-V-I) that are going to hang above the baby's crib. The letters are whimsical and they fit perfectly with the nature theme. I also ordered white birch tree wall decals. They are adorable and come with brown forest animals like bunnies, deer, and birds. We are going to put them up next week! Even though this nursery is coming along slower than I'd like (because of the move) when the room is finally finished, it's going to be perfect! 

This week we had our final ultrasound. Usually, the staff is great, but this time the technician was impatient and rude. Gavin didn't want to clean up the toys he was playing with in the waiting room, so Tommy stayed with him until he cleaned up the mess and I went to the room. I asked the technician if she could wait until my husband and son were present because, obviously, I wanted them to see the baby too. She said ok, and proceeded to put the gel on my belly and started the ultrasound. I stated again, that I wanted to wait for my husband and she huffed and puffed. Then Tommy and Gavin walked down the hallway looking for me and I called out, "I'm in here," to let them know which room I was in. The tech shushed me and I gave her a nasty look. She was just plain rude the rest of the time! She told Gavin (a two-year-old boy) to shush every time he made the slightest noise. Like, seriously? Then, I was lying on my back, which causes me to get light headed quickly. I kept squirming until I finally told her I needed a break before I passed out. I turned to my left side to get the blood flow going through my veins and she was annoyed. When it was all over she gave me one creepy distorted picture of the baby that I'm not even posting. B----. Alright, I'm getting angry all over again and I'm done ranting about her. MOVING ON.

The Baby: is the size of a cantaloupe! The waxy protective coating, vernix, is becoming much thicker this week as the lanugo (hair over the body) continues to shed and may be almost completely gone by now. Levi's lungs are continuing to mature in preparation for breathing in the outside world.

Mommy's Health: I feel great! I'm getting bigger (duh) but i'm not uncomfortable (yet).

Week 35: This week we had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, July 19th 2016, which also happened to be my 29th birthday (YIKES). My blood pressure, weight, baby's heartbeat, and my belly measurements were all normal and healthy! Everything is moving along smoothly and in a little over a month we get to meet Levi! After the doctor's appointment we went out to lunch to Chili's and had a wonderful afternoon!

The birch tree decals for Levi's nursery came in and Tommy and I started putting them on the wall. WHAT A PROCESS. They are super tall, which makes it hard to apply without air bubbles. Luckily, Tommy has the patience of a saint and was able to get all the air bubbles out. Then there are millions of branches and leaves and forest animals to apply one by one. This is going to take weeks, but it already looks amazing. It will be worth it! 

On Friday we had professional maternity pictures taken at this beautiful wild life preserve/park. It wasn't THAT hot out and the photographer did an amazing job. Gavin cooperated (for the most part) and we were able to get some really nice shots! Here are my favorites: 

The Baby: is the size of a honeydew melon! Levi's organs are nearly complete. His kidneys are completely developed and his liver is functional and capable of processing waste products. 

Mommy's Health: Happy and healthy! 
Week 36: I have been feeling pressured to finish Levi's nursery, because I only have a month left before he is here and there's so much to do! After reading my week 36 post when I was pregnant with Gavin, it turns out we were still working on Gavin's nursery. This made me feel much better. But I still wanted the nursery done. Tommy and I ended up finishing it! Here is Levi's nature-themed nursery!  

This is what Levi's nursery looks like as soon as you walk in. The walls are the same sage green color that is in the woodland tumble crib set. The rug and the light-blocker curtains are from Wal-Mart. I reused Gavin's nursery furniture, except for the dresser. Gavin kept his dresser and we bought a new one that is part of this furniture set from Target.  

For the four pictures above the changing table, I spray painted Gavin's white picture frames brown. I bought tree printed paper from Michael's and my mom printed out the woodland tumble animals that match the crib set. I measured the tree printed paper to the 8 X 10 frame and cut them out. Then I cut the animals out and glued them to the tree printed paper. 

The baskets and hamper are from Babies R' Us and are filled with blankets, crib sheets and skirts, burp clothes, bibs, and swaddles.

The bench is my mom's and I have no idea where she got it. The stuffed animals are mine and I bought the plants from Home Goods.

The rocks are from Gavin's rock collection that he was willing to share with Levi and the glasses were from Tommy and my wedding. The clock is from Target and the birdhouse is from AC Moore's. Tommy stained the wood and made it into a nightlight and I stuck a bird on top!

The birch tree picture is from Target

These swings were a lot harder to make than they look! My husband made these! He took a piece of wood, cut three pieces the same length, drilled holes on each side of the wood pieces, stained the wood, put the rope through the holes and knotted it, screwed hooks in the ceiling to hang the rope from, used command strips to keep the swings in place. And I placed my mom's beanie babies that were in the shed on each swing. It was a lot of measuring and leveling to make sure everything was perfectly even. 

One of my favorite pieces to this room is this lamp! Also from, yup you guessed it, Target. 

The letters were from AC Moore's and we found the branch at a park. Tommy bscrewed the branch to the wall. I used rope to wrap it around the branch and hot glue to secure it. The letters are secured with command strips. 

My woodland tumble crib set <3 <3 <3 (THANKS MOM!!!) 

Well there you have it! I love this nursery, it's perfect. 

On top of finishing the nursery, we had a doctor's appointment (every week now). Everything is great and on track still. I had a culture swab done, which I'm sure will come back fine. 

The Baby: is the size of a crenshaw melon. Levi is still gaining weight and becoming rounder in apperance. By the end of this week, Levi will be consider full term!

Mommy's Health: I'm feeling wonderful!