Friday, June 28, 2013

Say yes to the OB-GYN?

Today was the day Tommy and I went to my new OB-GYN for a pre-pregnancy consultation. It was a great experience. Her name is Dr. Vernon and she has her own practice. I had a really good vibe walking in and the receptionists were just lovely.

I posted questions I wanted to ask awhile back in my blog. I asked all nine which lead to other discussions as well. Dr. Vernon was very informative and considerate to our beliefs and desires during our consultation.

Here are the questions I asked and the information I received:

1: Who will deliver my baby? There are only two doctors in this practice! Dr. V (it's strange her last name starts with a V and she is a vagina doctor, I almost feel weird calling her Dr. V) and another doctor, and I already forgot her name. I will switch between both doctors for the whole nine months so I am comfortable with both of them. Whoever is on call during the day/night I go into labor will be the one delivering the baby. NO SURPRISE STRANGER STICKING THEIR HANDS UP IN ME, WOO-HOO! Both doctors are women and if you recall in my post about these questions, having a women doctor is a MUST for me. I don't need any man looking in my hollow vagina joking around saying "helloooooo in there" to see if his voice echos back (true story) ANYWAYS ON TO THE NEXT QUESTION PLEASE!

2. What is your philosophy of birth? In the post, I talked about the two main beliefs when it comes to maternity care. One is "active management" which favors medical technology and other advances to make life "easier." The other belief is "expectant management" which favors normal/traditional labor without intervening with technology. Dr. V ...I can't. Dr. Vernon strives for every birth to be natural and vaginal (if the mom wishes for an epidural of course she will give it to her). She also tries to delay c-sections because, again, she thinks the best way to give birth is vaginally. Dr. Vernon only wants what is best for the baby AND mommy, so if a c-section is a must, then she will have to operate (ugh). I asked her what determines her decision to conduct a c-section? She said if the mom is hemorrhaging badly, or if the baby is stuck or breached...did you know that if you deliver a baby that is breached (being born butt first) there is a large chance the baby may have cerebral pulsy? If that's the case, of course the c-section will be worth it for my baby's health.

I told Dr. Vernon how important it is for me to give birth naturally without an epidural. I also mentioned that I have almost zero tolerance for pain.  For the first time, I wasn't feeling so confident that I could deliver without medication. Dr. Vernon was supportive and could tell I was nervous when talking about this. She mentioned a "doula" ...a what-now?... a doula is an assistant who teaches pregnant women breathing tricks, different positions to help get comfortable during the birth, and other things like that. The doula would also be in the delivery room coaching and helping me reach my goals. Maybe we can start a chant? GO LINDSAY GO! It's something to look into.

3. What will you do to reduce the chance of episiotomy? Remember an episiotomy is when the doctor makes a 1-2 inch incision in the vaginal opening to give the baby more room to plow through when delivering. Here's the visual...

LUCKILY Dr. Vernon DOES NOT make the incision unless it is absolutely necessary. She does not pre-cut, she said the vagina will usually tear itself... PHHEWWW, is that any better? ...EEK! But, Dr. Vernon did say that she has delivered many babies where the mom never ripped and to not worry about it too much. ME? Not worry?? ...sure thing.   

4. What should I be eating and what foods should I avoid? I told Dr. Vernon my diet of veggies, fruits, whole grains/wheat, dairy, and the only meat I eat is chicken. She said my diet sounds very healthy and great for a women trying to get pregnant. She wants me to eat foods rich in folic acid, calcium, and iron, (like broccoli, yogurt with probiotics and spinach) which I do. I wasn't really worried about that question.

5. What is an appropriate amount to exercise? Dr. Vernon had a patient years ago that was a marathon runner. Throughout that patent's pregnancy she ran 10-20 miles regularly. I mean I love to run, but Dr. Vernon said if I don't normally run 10-20 miles, I shouldn't start when pregnant. Makes sense to me. This means I should keep my normal level of exercise activities because that is what my body is used to. She also told me to keep my heart rate WAY below 80%, more in the 50-60% range, which is a heart rate around 110. Yoga is also good for widening those hips.

6. What hospital do you deliver in? IT'S THE HOSPITAL BY MY HOUSE AND WHERE I WANT TO DELIVER!!!!!

7. Should and can you prescribe me a prenatal vitamin? NO Target brand for me...she was going to prescribe me a prenatal vitamin but she said they have chemicals. She told me about a health store close by and I will go there tomorrow to buy some more! She told me how much each important ingredient should be in the vitamin. Folic acid: 800g Vitamin D: 400g Iron 30-65 mg. Check, check, aaaand check.

8. What is the best way to conceive? When ovulating, have sex every other day in any position comfortable for both spouses. Tommy's eyes lit up, and I rolled mine. Dr. Vernon also said that the sperm lives in you for three days. Just a FYI...YUMMY.

9. Can I dye my hair? Use moisturizers? Face cream? Nail polish? The answer is yes, yes, yes, and yes. The baby has so many layers of protection that what you do on the exterior will have no effect on the baby. I still won't dye my hair though.

This consultation was a complete success! Dr. Vernon is incredible! She advised me that if I'm not pregnant by February to come in again to talk about different options. She wants us to have the "chemical reaction" (conceive) naturally without the help of ovulation sticks, or anything else. I'm saying yes to this OB-GYN, SO HAPPY!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


OK look, I know I'm not pregnant nor do I have a child. So why take advice from me? I get it. But in all honesty (if you haven't already noticed) I'm obsessed with everything to do with babies, toddlers, and children. I've had an attachment to all children since I was a child myself. They are drawn to me. I worked (still work there occasionally and summers) at a childcare center where I care(d) for ALL ages in my eight years of experience. The ages range from SIX WEEKS TO SIX YEARS OLD. I worked in the infant room, toddler room, I taught pre-school for many years and even taught kindergarten for two years. Currently, I help out Alison and I take over the place when she leaves. So I'm talking with parents and even involved in some of their lives. I learn from them as well.

My career is teaching. I am a 4th/5th grade LLD teacher. I help students who are 9-12 years old get ahead because they are extremely behind in grade-level work. I have to teach through group work, one-on-one, and I use tons of visuals. 

Between both my career and the childcare center I cared (and continue to do so) for all types of children, from needy children who just need attention all the way to autism, hearing impaired, ADHD, English as a second language, language learning disabilily, and the list goes on and on. 

Yeah, I can guess what some of you are thinking "it's not the same as having your own child" I've heard it all before, believe me and guess what?! I don't really care. I am confident and BEYOND ready to take care of my own children. I probably have more experience then most mothers because I truly believe I have the best role model for a mother, my mom. We've been through it ALL and she continues to put my sister and I FIRST.  

I don't know why I feel the need to justify my blog, but I feel some people do not know my background and personality well enough to judge me. If you don't like it, don't read it. THANK YOU

To my family, friends, and "fans" =P
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 yeah, I'm national...

Thanks for reading and continue to do so!

More Homemade and Organic Crap

Yesterday was the last day of school. Even though I will miss teaching for two months, I will be able to get some more things done around the house and of course, blog more!

To piggy back on my last blog about cloth diapers, I bring you... homemade baby wipes!

Why homemade wipes you may ask? BECAUSE many items packaged and sold in stores contain way too many chemicals. Conventional wipes have many ingredients and most of them are chemical. Like, phthpegalates (fragrance), parabens (used to preserve the wipes), PEG's (a synthetic chemical that increases cancer), phenoxyethanol (used as an anti-bacterial that can cause vomiting and diarrhea) and the list goes on and on. 

Homemade baby wipes take time to make. I like to look at it this way, by the time it takes you to drive to the store, get the wipes, pay for them and drive back the homemade baby wipes are made. You could also make a bunch of them at one time. This is what I like to call BULKING.

They are really easy to make.

  • 1 roll Bounty (must be Bounty – every website I visited all said Bounty is the only brand that works because it's the strongest. Otherwise, the wipes will fall apart)
  • A very sharp knife or an electric knife works best (this is the hardest part, it's hard to cut a thick roll of bounty with just a knife. I've even read about people using a miter saw)
  • 1 T. baby wash (Johnson&Johnson all natural)
  • 1 T. coconut oil (Organic that can be bought at whole foods or an all-natural food store) 
  • 1 C. water (make sure it is hot if you’re using coconut oil so it’ll melt)
  • 1 container to put the wipes in (Dollar Store has plenty)

  • OK now here is how to make them. I am collecting information from reliable websites and using my own input to find out what works best with the minimal amount of work.

    1st- Cut the Bounty roll in half

    2nd- Remove cardboard tube inside the paper towels (some suggested to do this at the end because once the paper towels are wet, the tube is easier to remove)

    3rd- Put the dry paper towel roll into the container

    4th- Mix baby wash, hot water and coconut oil

    5th- Pour the mixture into the paper towel container

    6th- Pull wipes from center for quick access and cover the container!

    7th- Wait about an hour until the towels soak up the mixture

    FYI- If you buy the bigger rolls of Bounty, get bigger container. The regular size rolls will fit in a container like the one above

    Also, for travel-friendly wipes, take a bunch of wipes and put them in a Ziploc bag

    Just when you think cloth diapers and homemade wipes are enough to ensure a healthy growing baby...YOU'RE WRONG.

    What about baby food?

    After breastfeeding, what do I feed the baby to make sure the food is free from chemicals and preservatives? The answer is... COMING UP IN THE NEXT POST. Kidding, I wouldn't do that to you, too suspenseful.

    The answer is... make the baby food yourself! SEE, HOW FUN!

    First of all, we all know most jar food has preservatives and chemicals to keep it "fresh." Second of all, did you know that some of the best foods for your baby are not even in most jar foods? Like avocado. Avocado is a must for babies and even adults, why not put it in baby food?!

    Here is a list of the ten best foods for babies and their essential nutrients:

    ~ Squash: excellent source of Vitamin A and C, naturally sweet, pleasing texture
    ~ Lentils: lots of protein and fiber
    ~ Dark green leafy vegetables: high amounts of iron and folate, spinach may be the best
    ~ Broccoli: so much folate, fiber, and calcium
    ~ Blueberries: good for your baby's eyes, brain, and urinary tract
    ~ Avocados: rich source of unsaturated fats, good for brain development
    ~Eggs: Protein
    ~ Prunes: fiber to help reduce constipation
    ~ Garbanzo beans: rich in protein and fiber, there are lots of variations to these beans too

    ~ Mandarin oranges: high in Vitamin C and lots of antioxidants, great finger food

    And of course, all of them can be bought and/or grown organically (which I'm still looking into growing my own fruits and veggies)

    Now that we have the best foods, let's make the baby food!

    Doing things in bulks is my thing; for example, I like to make Tommy and myself a week-worth of lunches for work. Sometimes we make a weeks-worth of dinner, so there is always homemade healthy meal for days when we are busy running around. I also make a bunch of protein shakes for Tommy to "grab-and-go." Well, preparing baby food will be no different.
    To make your own baby food you will need a blender, food processor, or my choice/obsession THE BABY BULLET!

    I like The Baby Bullet because it comes with everything and it's cute, but it also comes with the cost. The Baby Bullet has a blender, trays and containers to freeze the food, cups to eat out of, and other various unnecessary tools.

    A blender or food processor and small mason jars (to store food) will do the job just as well.

    Use one type of food or combine various foods in the blender/processor (I would use various food because babies don't eat much and you want to try to get the most nutrients in every bite) Combine foods like squash and avocado, or broccoli and beans, or blueberries and prunes. The possibilities are endless!
    I'm going to use The Baby Bullet website to explain how to make the baby food, remember everything can be replaced with a cheaper, yet still efficient alternative.
     The Batch Bowl
    Batch Bowl
    When it's time to make large portions of fresh, all-natural baby food, it's time for the Batchbowl!        
    1. Twist the revolutionary Baby Blend Blade onto the bottom of the Batchbowl.
    2. Add your ingredients into the Batchbowl.
    3. Push and twist.

    And in just a few seconds, you'll have a perfectly blended purée. Plus, as baby grows into more textured foods, simply push and pulse to achieve the perfect consistency every time!
    The Short Cup
    Short Cup
    When it's time to turn the family dinner into baby's dinner - or any time you are looking to make a smaller portion of baby food - it's time for the Short Cup  
    1. Add your ingredients into the Short Cup and twist on the Baby Blend Blade.
    2. Place the cup onto the Power Base.
    3. Push and twist.

    The Milling Blade
    Milling Blade
    The Baby Bullet's amazing milling blade turns whole grains, rice and oats into the freshest cereals.
    1. Add the desired amount of rice or grains into the Short Cup.
    2. Twist on the Milling Blade.
    3. Place the Short Cup onto the Power Base and twist to start grinding.
    4. Grind until you've achieved a fine powder.

    Date Dial Storage Cups
    Date Dial Storage Cups
    The Baby Bullet Storage System includes 6 of the all-new Storage Cups with our exclusive Date Dial System - so you always know EXACTLY when your food was made so you know EXACTLY how fresh it is. Simply fill the cup with baby food, twist the Date Dial to the preparation date and store in the refrigerator or freezer.
    1. Twist the Baby Blend Blade on to the bottom of the Batchbowl.
    2. Add the ingredients to the Batchbowl and close the lid.
    3. Purée until you have achieved the proper smoothness.

    So for an alternative way to make baby food: Blend the fruits and/or veggies, fill small mason jars with the blended foods, place a date on the jar (label maker or markers) to remind you when it was made, put some jars in the fridge for the next couple of days and put the rest in the freezer. Take out the jars in the freezer and put them in the fridge a day before feeding your baby so it will defrost. 
    Foods should last up to a month! Well, there ya go.

    So here are some awesome baby recipes. This website is unbelievable awesome, it gives really good tips for making homemade baby food and recipes! Here is a sneak peak to the recipes: baby cereal recipes, simple purees, avocado recipes, sweet potato recipes, apple recipes, banana recipes, and much more

    Chemicals in baby wipes


    Homemade wipes

    Top ten baby foods

    This is a great website... an "Age-by-Age Guide to Starting Solid Foods." This website informs mothers the proper age to introduce foods to the baby.

    Saturday, June 15, 2013


    If you have been reading all of my posts so far, you pretty much know many of my beliefs and decisions during and after my pregnancy. Like, I want to breastfeed, I want to try to have the most natural birth possible, I take prenatal vitamins, I want buy an SUV, How I want my pregnancy pictures to look, when I want to conceive/when I want the baby to be born, and much more.

    What about diapering? I'm sort of torn between disposable diapers and cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are reusable after washing and drying them as apposed to disposable diapers which are just thrown away after each use. Here is a chart I made to weigh out each option:

    Disposable Diapers
    Cloth Diapers
    Estimated cost from birth to potty training is $2,000-$3,000 per child
    Estimated cost from birth to potty training is $300-$500 for all children
    ·         Cloth diapers can be reused for child number two, three, four etc.
    ·         They are  expensive  in the beginning because  you have to buy a large amount, but in the long run it’s worth it
    ·         You can buy different sizes OR adjustable ones. Adjustable diapers save money because as the baby gets bigger, the diapers get wider.
    Same amount of smell as cloth diapers
    Same amount of smell as a disposable diaper
    Care for
    Throw away after use
    Reuse the diapers which means they need to be washed and dried.  Even though cloth diapers require more work, it’s not as bad as it sounds.
    ·         The dry pail method seems to be the easiest: take the dirty diaper and either put the solid waste in the toilet or not, it’s not mandatory.  After you removed the diaper you put it in a dry diaper pail, which has a cloth liner. When it is time to do laundry take the cloth liner with all the cloth diapers and throw them into the washing machine. Wash the diapers and put them in the dryer, or to save energy, hang them outside to dry
    Have chemicals. How do you think the diapers absorb so much??  There are many different types of chemicals and the “high absorbency” causes lazy parents to change babies less often, which is not good either. Babies and toddlers should not be sitting in diapers for long hours because the diapers can handle it. GROSS. Both types of diapers should be changed every 2-3 hours. Cloth diapers sound way cheaper now right?
    No chemicals and have pouches and slips to put in extra absorbency pads for heavy wetters
    (they still need to be changed every 2-3 hours)
    If you think about it, disposable diapers use energy and causes harm to the planet.
    ·         Cut down trees to produce diapers
    ·         Water and energy are used to create diapers and bleach it
    ·         More paper and plastic used for packaging
    ·         Gas used to transport them by car, truck, cargo planes
    ·         Energy used to at the dump after they are thrown away
    After reading the energy and water use of the disposable diapers, cloth diapers don’t seem so bad
    ·         Cloth diapers do cause more laundry which uses energy and water. If you have an energy/water efficient washer like I do, there is not as much water and energy being used. But even if you don’t, it’s not that much.
    Disposable diapers are more convenient because they just need to be thrown away after each use.
    Cloth diapers are less convenient, but I feel like once there is a routine and comfort it won’t be that bad. But, if someone is watching the baby or going on a long trip, the special diaper pail needs to come along and you have to keep the dirty cloth diapers until they can be washed.

    As you can tell, I'm leaning more towards cloth diapers. I mean, It doesn't hurt to try. I just can't stand the thought of putting my child in a harmful chemical-filled porta potty. I also read, on many accounts, that there is a higher percentage of diaper rash in babies who wear disposable diapers. Diaper rash is painful!

    ALSO, My husband is a plumber and cleans drains and pipes and deals with sewer problems so, I'm washing his work clothes that are full of poop anyway...what's another 7-10 poopy diapers? If it doesn't work out I can find away to make it work, or find another solution.

    Most of my information came from here!

    Thursday, June 13, 2013

    Keep Those Scissors Away from my Lady Parts!

    This post is way overdue, I know. My great uncle (who lived in Florida) passed away last week and my family, husband, and I drove down to Florida (16 hours straight) for the service and other things. What an adventure... PLUS, the school year is winding down and I had to start clearing out my room and finalize grades. OK, No more excuses. Let's talk BABY.

    In one of my past posts I mentioned how hard it has been for me to find a decent ob-gyn. I have an appointment with this new doctor. The appointment is quickly approaching, well, actually it's in two weeks. In between my busy teaching schedule and family emergencies, I have been able to research specific questions that should be asked before choosing your ob-gyn. I found this awesome website (what else is new) that has some great questions.

    Here are some of the questions I like from the website and some that I thought of on my own:

    1: Who will deliver my baby? This is important because there is usually a team of doctors and whoever is on call will be the one who will deliver the baby. It would bother me if the doctor I have been sharing this whole experience with and who I created a trusting relationship with wasn't the one delivering my child. I mean she will know my birth plan (when I create it), and bet your savings account my birthing plan will be specific and annoyingly precise. On a lighter note, the doctor I will be "interviewing" has her own practice and only has one other doctor working with her. I'm sure I will be familiar with both doctors so I will not be surprised by some random doctor showing up on the big day. Another important fact is they are both women doctors. This is important to me because I don't feel comfortable with some gross dirty man checking in on my lady parts every few weeks. NO THANKS.

    2. What is your philosophy of birth? There are basically two main beliefs when it comes to maternity care. One is "active management" which favors medical technology and other advances to make life "easier." The other belief is "expectant management" which favors normal/traditional labor without intervening with technology. I hope my doctor is the expectant management type because I want to go as natural as possible (besides sonograms). I'm sure if I tell her I want to do everything naturally, she will support me. But, it's good to know what the doctor believes and practices most often.

    3. What will you do to reduce the chance of episiotomy? Ew, I'm not going into this because it freaks me out. Episiotomy is when the doctor makes a 1-2 inch incision in the vaginal opening to give the baby more room to plow through when delivering. I DO NOT WANT THIS INCISION.

     Ok, so maybe that's a little dramatic. Anyway, an episotomy is rarely necessary, however, some doctors do it anyway to help move along the delivery. If I tear during a vaginal birth, oh well. Why cut it if you don't have to? OK DONE.

    4. What should I be eating and what foods should I avoid? I'm a health freak and I know an abundant amount of information on this topic so I'm not worried. I know I eat enough whole grains, veggies, and fruits, so I'm not worried about that. I could use some more protein. I don't eat meat except for chicken, and that's rare. No pig, cow, or any other animals for me! I know I'm not supposed to have high increments of fish and that's fine. I think it's good to ask these question to make sure I'm doing everything right and maybe she can even let me in on some foods that can help conception. ;)

    5. What is an appropriate amount to exercise? I do love to run and go for long walks. I also would love to take a prenatal yoga class, it's just so relaxing and yoga stretches out those hips! I just want to make sure I don't overdue or under due it.

    6. What hospital do you deliver in? The hospitals are not that great where I live, but I love this one hospital and it's the closest to me. This is good news: the doctor I'm anticipating to ask all of these questions delivers at the hospital closest to me! LUCKY HER!

    7. Should and can you prescribe me a prenatal vitamin? I'm still nervous since the whole fiasco with my TARGET BRAND prenatal vitamins full of chemicals. Hopefully, she can prescribe me a safe and effective vitamin to ease my mind.

    8. What is the best way to conceive? duh.

    9. Can I dye my hair? Use moisturizers? Face cream? Nail polish? I would love to hear an expert's thoughts on this. I know it's not good to dye your hair while pregnant, but I also heard that women need to be aware of what they are putting on their skin as well.

    Well, those are my most important questions I prepared and I'm sure there will be plenty more "on the spot" questions during my husband's and my consolation. Can't wait!

    Saturday, June 1, 2013

    SUVs...minus the headless pregnant man, please.

    This post is waaaay overdue...I know. What can I say, I have a busy life!

    Lately, I've been researching safest and not-so-huge SUVs that I can drive without those attendants on the ground  directing airplanes. I fell in love with the two SUVs. The Ford Escape and Honda Pilot. I wasn't sure how comfortable I would feel driving them. All I know is the Escape is smaller and gets more miles to the gallon over the Pilot. 

    Ok, so, guess what I did today??? I'll just tell you. My lovely sister and I test drove a Honda Pilot! I loved it!! It's spacious, but not huge and It seats eight! (the Escape seats 5) The features are awesome, like a rear-view camera, a DVD and screen set in the back WITH video game hook-ups, customized temperature control for passenger, driver, and back seats, a huge trunk with secret compartments, and did I mention plenty of room for a growing family?!

    I'm not looking to buy a Honda Pilot now, but in the future (probably around Christmas). Not because I can't afford it now, but because that's how long it will take me to find the perfect one. I always take a long time to decide on a big purchase and I have to make sure everything is right. However, If a good buy does come early, I'm ready!

    I need an SUV because right now I have a Scion TC...two door. It's very low to the ground and I can't picture myself 7-9 months pregnant trying to hoist myself out of that thing. I love my car, but seriously a two door car + a car seat with a baby = total disaster. I will trade in my car for the Pilot. Here is the 2010 Honda Pilot.

    This is the back without the extra row of seats.

    As I am thinking of myself with a huge belly getting in and out of this SUV, I can't help but feel overjoyed! I want a big belly (without stretch marks). There are so many ways to document a growing baby in the womb. I already know how I'm going to document my belly (of course I do).

     First of all, my husband will be involved in the picture. It bothers me when husbands are not int he picture! It's their baby too! Second of all, I will not be taking pictures against a blank white wall...BOOOOORING. And third of all, I will dress up nice. Some of these women in pictures on the Internet or Pinterest look like death, this is supposed to be something to look back on time and time again. Try looking decent.

    So here is what I am going to do. In the first month, the baby is the size of a blueberry. Tommy would hold a blueberry above his stomach (not in front of his stomach, we don't want him to look like a pregnant man). I would be turned to the side with no belly (yet). In the second month, the baby is the size of a raspberry (get the fruit trend). And again, Tommy would hold the raspberry above his stomach and I would be turned to my side with no belly. This would occur with different size fruits to match the size of the baby. Example:

    Obviously, Tommy would be on the left side of me. And we would be standing next to each other in the same picture. Also these pictures would be taken outside by many trees because when looking back at these pictures, the trees and how we dressed will help people to determine the season. Oh, and we would have heads. Well, you get the idea... if not you'll just have to wait and see!!!!