Saturday, June 1, 2013

SUVs...minus the headless pregnant man, please.

This post is waaaay overdue...I know. What can I say, I have a busy life!

Lately, I've been researching safest and not-so-huge SUVs that I can drive without those attendants on the ground  directing airplanes. I fell in love with the two SUVs. The Ford Escape and Honda Pilot. I wasn't sure how comfortable I would feel driving them. All I know is the Escape is smaller and gets more miles to the gallon over the Pilot. 

Ok, so, guess what I did today??? I'll just tell you. My lovely sister and I test drove a Honda Pilot! I loved it!! It's spacious, but not huge and It seats eight! (the Escape seats 5) The features are awesome, like a rear-view camera, a DVD and screen set in the back WITH video game hook-ups, customized temperature control for passenger, driver, and back seats, a huge trunk with secret compartments, and did I mention plenty of room for a growing family?!

I'm not looking to buy a Honda Pilot now, but in the future (probably around Christmas). Not because I can't afford it now, but because that's how long it will take me to find the perfect one. I always take a long time to decide on a big purchase and I have to make sure everything is right. However, If a good buy does come early, I'm ready!

I need an SUV because right now I have a Scion TC...two door. It's very low to the ground and I can't picture myself 7-9 months pregnant trying to hoist myself out of that thing. I love my car, but seriously a two door car + a car seat with a baby = total disaster. I will trade in my car for the Pilot. Here is the 2010 Honda Pilot.

This is the back without the extra row of seats.

As I am thinking of myself with a huge belly getting in and out of this SUV, I can't help but feel overjoyed! I want a big belly (without stretch marks). There are so many ways to document a growing baby in the womb. I already know how I'm going to document my belly (of course I do).

 First of all, my husband will be involved in the picture. It bothers me when husbands are not int he picture! It's their baby too! Second of all, I will not be taking pictures against a blank white wall...BOOOOORING. And third of all, I will dress up nice. Some of these women in pictures on the Internet or Pinterest look like death, this is supposed to be something to look back on time and time again. Try looking decent.

So here is what I am going to do. In the first month, the baby is the size of a blueberry. Tommy would hold a blueberry above his stomach (not in front of his stomach, we don't want him to look like a pregnant man). I would be turned to the side with no belly (yet). In the second month, the baby is the size of a raspberry (get the fruit trend). And again, Tommy would hold the raspberry above his stomach and I would be turned to my side with no belly. This would occur with different size fruits to match the size of the baby. Example:

Obviously, Tommy would be on the left side of me. And we would be standing next to each other in the same picture. Also these pictures would be taken outside by many trees because when looking back at these pictures, the trees and how we dressed will help people to determine the season. Oh, and we would have heads. Well, you get the idea... if not you'll just have to wait and see!!!!

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