Friday, June 28, 2013

Say yes to the OB-GYN?

Today was the day Tommy and I went to my new OB-GYN for a pre-pregnancy consultation. It was a great experience. Her name is Dr. Vernon and she has her own practice. I had a really good vibe walking in and the receptionists were just lovely.

I posted questions I wanted to ask awhile back in my blog. I asked all nine which lead to other discussions as well. Dr. Vernon was very informative and considerate to our beliefs and desires during our consultation.

Here are the questions I asked and the information I received:

1: Who will deliver my baby? There are only two doctors in this practice! Dr. V (it's strange her last name starts with a V and she is a vagina doctor, I almost feel weird calling her Dr. V) and another doctor, and I already forgot her name. I will switch between both doctors for the whole nine months so I am comfortable with both of them. Whoever is on call during the day/night I go into labor will be the one delivering the baby. NO SURPRISE STRANGER STICKING THEIR HANDS UP IN ME, WOO-HOO! Both doctors are women and if you recall in my post about these questions, having a women doctor is a MUST for me. I don't need any man looking in my hollow vagina joking around saying "helloooooo in there" to see if his voice echos back (true story) ANYWAYS ON TO THE NEXT QUESTION PLEASE!

2. What is your philosophy of birth? In the post, I talked about the two main beliefs when it comes to maternity care. One is "active management" which favors medical technology and other advances to make life "easier." The other belief is "expectant management" which favors normal/traditional labor without intervening with technology. Dr. V ...I can't. Dr. Vernon strives for every birth to be natural and vaginal (if the mom wishes for an epidural of course she will give it to her). She also tries to delay c-sections because, again, she thinks the best way to give birth is vaginally. Dr. Vernon only wants what is best for the baby AND mommy, so if a c-section is a must, then she will have to operate (ugh). I asked her what determines her decision to conduct a c-section? She said if the mom is hemorrhaging badly, or if the baby is stuck or breached...did you know that if you deliver a baby that is breached (being born butt first) there is a large chance the baby may have cerebral pulsy? If that's the case, of course the c-section will be worth it for my baby's health.

I told Dr. Vernon how important it is for me to give birth naturally without an epidural. I also mentioned that I have almost zero tolerance for pain.  For the first time, I wasn't feeling so confident that I could deliver without medication. Dr. Vernon was supportive and could tell I was nervous when talking about this. She mentioned a "doula" ...a what-now?... a doula is an assistant who teaches pregnant women breathing tricks, different positions to help get comfortable during the birth, and other things like that. The doula would also be in the delivery room coaching and helping me reach my goals. Maybe we can start a chant? GO LINDSAY GO! It's something to look into.

3. What will you do to reduce the chance of episiotomy? Remember an episiotomy is when the doctor makes a 1-2 inch incision in the vaginal opening to give the baby more room to plow through when delivering. Here's the visual...

LUCKILY Dr. Vernon DOES NOT make the incision unless it is absolutely necessary. She does not pre-cut, she said the vagina will usually tear itself... PHHEWWW, is that any better? ...EEK! But, Dr. Vernon did say that she has delivered many babies where the mom never ripped and to not worry about it too much. ME? Not worry?? ...sure thing.   

4. What should I be eating and what foods should I avoid? I told Dr. Vernon my diet of veggies, fruits, whole grains/wheat, dairy, and the only meat I eat is chicken. She said my diet sounds very healthy and great for a women trying to get pregnant. She wants me to eat foods rich in folic acid, calcium, and iron, (like broccoli, yogurt with probiotics and spinach) which I do. I wasn't really worried about that question.

5. What is an appropriate amount to exercise? Dr. Vernon had a patient years ago that was a marathon runner. Throughout that patent's pregnancy she ran 10-20 miles regularly. I mean I love to run, but Dr. Vernon said if I don't normally run 10-20 miles, I shouldn't start when pregnant. Makes sense to me. This means I should keep my normal level of exercise activities because that is what my body is used to. She also told me to keep my heart rate WAY below 80%, more in the 50-60% range, which is a heart rate around 110. Yoga is also good for widening those hips.

6. What hospital do you deliver in? IT'S THE HOSPITAL BY MY HOUSE AND WHERE I WANT TO DELIVER!!!!!

7. Should and can you prescribe me a prenatal vitamin? NO Target brand for me...she was going to prescribe me a prenatal vitamin but she said they have chemicals. She told me about a health store close by and I will go there tomorrow to buy some more! She told me how much each important ingredient should be in the vitamin. Folic acid: 800g Vitamin D: 400g Iron 30-65 mg. Check, check, aaaand check.

8. What is the best way to conceive? When ovulating, have sex every other day in any position comfortable for both spouses. Tommy's eyes lit up, and I rolled mine. Dr. Vernon also said that the sperm lives in you for three days. Just a FYI...YUMMY.

9. Can I dye my hair? Use moisturizers? Face cream? Nail polish? The answer is yes, yes, yes, and yes. The baby has so many layers of protection that what you do on the exterior will have no effect on the baby. I still won't dye my hair though.

This consultation was a complete success! Dr. Vernon is incredible! She advised me that if I'm not pregnant by February to come in again to talk about different options. She wants us to have the "chemical reaction" (conceive) naturally without the help of ovulation sticks, or anything else. I'm saying yes to this OB-GYN, SO HAPPY!

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