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Lube Up Those Bosoms.

Before I start writing about pregnancy topics, I wanted to give a shout-out to my new readers/followers from New Zealand. HI!!!!!

OK, I have been thinking...In today's day and age you can find almost anything to make a mom's life easier.... Like this:

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or this:

I either think to myself, "I MUST HAVE THIS!" Or, how did moms live without these innovative creations? In the "olden days," did moms just sit around in a rocking chair waiting for the baby to wake up for a feeding, change the diaper, and afterwards give 'em a rattle? (remember rattles?) ...sounds boring.

Even though there are solutions to almost every problem, the downside is, you are usually going to pay the big bucks to have it. Sometimes it's okay to go old-school or create you're own solutions. I feel once I have the baby, I can better decipher what I need and what is just "cool" to have. But, I will keep in mind that there are inventions out there for almost EVERYTHING and if it's worth the cost, I will probably buy it.

Here is an exciting thought, when it comes to smart phones and IPhone/Pads, there are so many useful FREE Apps. The only App I have right now is an ovulation calendar. It's called "My Ovulation Calendar." This App will come in handy when I am off my birth control. I will be able to track my menstrual cycles and over a period of time (no pun intended) be able to predict the week I am ovulating. There are so many Apps out there, and I don't have all day to write about every single one. Just search on your phone and see which ones you like. But, here is one of my future Apps that is a must:

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RIGHT?! This keeps tract of the baby's feeding. This even keeps track of which boob you left-off on! This is a must have because I AM A FIRM BELIEVER IN BREAST FEEDING. If you are on the fence about breastfeeding or totally against it, my advice is DO IT. DO IT. DO IT.

Breastfeeding is beneficial to both the mom and baby. It is the most important and best thing a mother could do for her baby. Why?

 1. Breast milk changes as your baby grows –  breast milk has just the right amount of fat, sugar, water, and protein to help your baby continue to grow.  It provides all of the nutrients and antibodies your baby needs.
2. Breast milk is easier to digest –  breast milk is easier to digest than formula. The proteins in formula are made from cow’s milk and it takes time for babies’ stomachs to adjust to digesting them.
3. Breast milk fights disease – The cells, hormones, and antibodies in breast milk protect babies from illness. This protection is unique; formula cannot match the chemical makeup of human breast milk. In fact, among formula-fed babies, ear infections and diarrhea are more common.

4.Life can be easier when you breastfeed –  there are no bottles and nipples to sterilize. You do not have to buy, measure, and mix formula. And there are no bottles to warm in the middle of the night! You can satisfy your baby’s hunger right away when breastfeeding.

5. Breastfeeding can save money – Formula and feeding supplies can cost well over $1,500 each year, depending on how much your baby eats. Breastfed babies are also sick less often, which can lower health care costs!

6. Breastfeeding can feel great – Physical contact is important to newborns. It can help them feel more secure, warm, and comforted.

7. Breastfeeding can be good for the mother’s health, too – Breastfeeding is linked to a lower risk of these health problems in women:
  1. Type 2 diabetes
  2. Breast caner
  3. Ovarian cancer
  4. Postpartum Depression

With all of those positive reasons to breastfeed, negative ones don't even matter, but here they are

1. Sore nipples- yeah, not to excited about this. There are plenty of creams out there, so LUBE UP!

2. Low milk supply- There are so many different healthy types of food that help to increase milk supply, so don't worry.

3. Oversupply of milk- PUMP IT! Duh.

4. Engorgement- Get over it.

5. Plugged ducts- This one I'm actually scared of and grossed out about. My nightmare: It's the middle of the night. The air is still and the house is in complete silence. Just then, the baby cries. WHAAAAA! I wake up to find my ducts are PLUGGED. DA DA DUUUUMMMM!! My baby is in need of me and my milk. I can't be there for him/her. WHAT DO I DOOO?!

I guess I could have pumped, but what if there isn't an oversupply of milk?

Every website I've been to has something written to encourage new mothers to have a lactation consultant. This could help solve the issues new and all mothers may have. After reading is I hope you CHOOSE TO BREASTFEED!

  • Ask your hospital or birthing center for the name of a lactation consultant who can help you. Or, you can go to External Website Policy to find an IBCLC in your area.

Want to read/learn more..This information is found here. Also, there are tips on how to get started with breastfeeding, complications that may occur, and much more.

Ta-ta for now,

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