Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Uncle Joey and his "Puritan Pride"

Meet one of my very nearest dearest bestest friends ever, Joey (he's the boy...I'm in the middle...and the other one is my sister Heather).

Oh...and this was last September...during our annual Apple Picking Tradition (I told you we go EVERY year)

He is the same age as my sister and I've known him since he was in kindergarten. I consider Joey, his younger sister Anna, and my sister all siblings. We are super close and always will be. Since Joey has grown up so much, he likes to be called Joe. BUUUUT my sister and I have been calling him Joey (basically) our whole lives. And that's never going to change. UNCLE JOEEEYYY.

ANYWAYYYY... I wanted to beat him up on Monday night. He texted me and said he saw my awesome blog and went on and on about how funny and beautiful I am... okay not really. But he did text me though. He actually said he loved my blog about nutrition and wanted to talk to me about which prenatal vitamins I was taking. Joey is not interested in pregnancy at all and it actually grosses him out. So, you are probably wondering "why does Joey want to know about her prenatal pills?" Well, since you asked, Joey has a Biology degree and wants to work in the food industry. No, not Wendy's, (hehehe) But at the industrial level where he could better preserve foods without using harmful chemicals. So that is why he is knowledgeable on these topics.

After I told Joey I was taking the Target store brand prenatal pills, he basically flipped out. He told me never buy store brand even though it's cheaper. It's cheaper because they use more chemicals and dyes than popular brands. I ended up talking to Joey for about an hour about which vitamins were good and bad. He sent me to this website called "Puritan Pride" and  after finding prenatal vitamins that were DYE-FREE, I was feeling better (be careful even all-natural vitamins may contain dye...look at the ingredients). I was just about to say good-night and go to bed UNTIIIIILLL he tells me not to buy store brand ANYTHING. For example, no target brand toothpaste, mouthwash, body lotion, body wash, etc. (can't ya tell I love Target?) I responded with- "WHAT?! FINE I JUST WON'T SHOWER, BRUSH MY TEETH, OR WEAR DEODORANT FOR 9-10 MONTHS!" And smart-as, I mean Joey, says, "ALRIGHT THEN, THAT'S THAT!" 

As you can probably already tell, I am controlling and only want what's best for my family. So this freak-out (I like to call it overreacting) is quite normal. Everyone who is close to me is used to it.

After all of that, you are probably asking yourself, "Why didn't this anal/controlling girl ask for Joey's advice before she bought the Target brand prenatal vitamins?" You guys are on a roll tonight! I don't know why!  OKAY, that's that.

In conclusion, don't go crazy about which chemicals are in which products. Just be aware and eliminate or cut back on items that are more dangerous for you and the baby. Oh, and no dye! Thanks, Joey. LOVE YOU.

Any food/chemical questions about pregnancy can be E-Mailed to me and I can talk to Joey. <3


  1. I took a prenatal vitamin prescribed by my OB/GYN during all my pregnancies and it was as pure as pure gets. I was enemic with Jordyn so I needed an iron supplement in addition to my prenatal vitamin. It can make you constipated, but at least I wasn't falling asleep standing up from the enemia. Be sure to take your vitamin with food once you are indeed pregnant because the vitamins can cause you to be extra queasy in the first trimester.

    1. Ohh.. GOOD IDEA JEN! I have an appointment with a new doctor in a month, i'm writing down prenatal vitamin on my question list so I can talk to her about it!

    2. I also took a prescribed prenatal. Now that you are actually expecting did your OB prescribe you a prenatal bcuz they are as your friend said as pure as you can possibly get.