Saturday, May 18, 2013

First Blog!

This is exciting!

The reason I created this blog is for family and friends to share my pregnancy and everything that happens afterwards with my husband and I. This blog is also for women who are planning on getting pregnant, like me, new moms, experienced moms, or for people who need a good laugh. I am extremely picky, organized, and strong-willed. I only settle for the best when it comes to my family. I will share everything from things I am doing to prepare before conceiving, conceiving, hospital decisions, delivery, gender reveal, nursery, diapers, breastfeeding choices, first birthday, and all that's inbetween. Oh, and of course PICTURES! Come along for the ride...if you dare.


  1. I'll be following Lindsay...cute idea :). You will LOVE being a mom. My life truly began when I became a mother. And everything before it just seems inconsequential once your job is to nurture and love a little person who God has entrusted you with until they are grown. I will be praying for you that the Lord will bless you both as you plan and then begin the wonderful adventure called parenthood :)

    1. Thanks Jen <3 I have such a great support group (including you) where I can go to anyone for advice on topics I'm unsure about. I'm overwhelmed with love and gratitude!