Sunday, May 19, 2013


Good afternoon!
Today is a rainy rainy day... such a great excuse to write a long blog. There are tons of thoughts running through my head (not sure if that's good or bad thing).

Tommy and I are celebrating our one year anniversary in Barbados. Our official anniversary day is June sixteenth, however, I am still teaching, so we will be going July seventh. 

I am currently on a monthly birth control and I have one more month supply left, which is for the month of June. After that I am not ordering anymore and should begin normal ovulation in July...hence, our other reason for this vacation. To get away, relax, be alone, and try to do the deed. I know, I know...getting pregnant could take many months of trying, and I am ready for that. But, Tommy claims he has fast, strong swimmers. So hopefully conceiving will happen sooner than later.

Now, when do I want the baby to be born you may ask? I want the baby born in May. May is a perfect month because the kids are still in school and it's warm. My birthday is in July, and...

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Not only that, every year my mom tried to have a birthday party for me, everyone was on vacation or busy. Or people just hated me. Nah, they were away.

September is also a great month. My mom was born in September and we go apple picking EVERY year. This tradition has been kept for the past twelve years, if not longer. I would love to keep that tradition for my child.

Now that we know the conceiving plans and which months I love, let's get to...

  • Taking a prenatal vitamin (research suggests taking a prenatal vitamin two months before will benefit you and the fetus more than taking it when you first get pregnant).
  • Finding a doctor. I've met with two and both were not up to my standards. (one was too pushy and didn't work at the hospital I want to deliver at, and the other one has the worst phone staff). I've found another doctor and I have an appointment with her in three weeks. She delivers babies at the hospital I want, but her available hours suck, so we will see.
  • Being healthy and fit. Tommy and I are already extreme health conscious people. We work out regularly, and eat only whole grains, veggies, chicken (only), egg whites, cottage cheese, almond milk, frozen yogurt, get it. But I am cutting artificial sweetener out, not like we have huge amounts, but still...I'm eliminating it from our diet. We don't drink coffee, only tea. The tea will be decaf from now on as well. And yes, Tommy is included in these changes because his sperm needs to be healthy and strong.
  • Get some home upgrades completed. Like, painting the living room (so I don't breathe in the fumes when I am pregnant) and doing more things around the house because once the baby comes, bye-bye money! We have lived here for eight months and have already done so much, I love this house and the neighborhood. There are kids playing everywhere, pregnant women taking walks with their husbands, and friendly dogs in their yards (except the time when we almost ran over a charging maltese with our tandem bike) I'm living the life.

Okay, that's about all I am doing to prepare for the baby so far. I need to go make dinner...I feel like I should have a signature sign-off name or phrase when I finish writing a post.. how about XOXOXOX LYLAS OR LYLAB LOVE FOREVA LINZ... no? Alright, I'll keep working on it.

Until next time,

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