Monday, May 20, 2013

Big Pregnancy Balls...whaaaa?

'ello loves!

I had such a stressful day, I'm glad to be able to think of happy thoughts and post in my blog.

Last post I talked about health and fitness, afterwards I found this awesome website.
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These are the basics of Dr. Brewer's nutritional research as taught by "The Bradley Method." It gives pregnant women the appropriate daily nutritional needs, like servings of grains, protein, fruits, greens, veggies, so on and so on. Plus there is a printable weekly food journal!! Nutrition is soOoOoOoOoOo important when it comes to keeping an expecting mother and her unborn child strong and this website is perfectly detailed.

Another thought...last night Tommy and I talked about cutting back on non-essential expenses. And the gym is one of those expenses. I spend about $400 a year on my gym membership. I am not renewing the membership next month, instead we will be buying an elliptical for $500. Plus, I can't go anywhere when I'm home with the baby. AND there is NO WAY in hell I'm bringing a baby to a gross gym. So the best solution is to buy an elliptical, two or three sets of weights, and a work-out ball for sit-ups. The work-out ball is also good for stretching the pregnant back and huge belly.


I WANT A HUGE BABY BUMP, but without the stretch marks. I need to research more about the best cream brands for stretch marks, because that is something I do not want.

Maybe that will be the next topic in my post.
Who knows... depends how I feel, I might not want to look up information about stretch marks, I do have some time ya know.

MWAHZ! (still trying out signature sign-offs)


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