Saturday, April 5, 2014

Overview Weeks Thirty-Two, Thirty-Three, and Thirty-Four

Week 32:  

Friday March 7th, 2014 Tommy and I had a sonogram. Last sonogram the tech, Barbara, said she would give me a 3D sonogram if there was time and if Gavin was in a good position (this office only conducts emergency 3D sonograms, like if something might be wrong and the doctors needed to get a more detailed picture). As soon as Tommy and I walked into the office, I asked the lady at the front desk if Barbara was here today. She replied yes and told me there are two techs here today and whatever one I get, I get. So there was a 50% chance of getting Barbara. Plus having her as my tech still didn't promise me a 3D sonogram. 

Things were not looking so good, then suddenly, the door slowly creaked open... It was Barbara! Now I just needed to be next in line so she could call my name... but, she called someone else's name. (Great) The other tech opened the door and she also called someone else's name (phew). The door opened again and it was Barbara with a smile on her face as she called my name, YES! and FINALLY! We walked down the hall and into the room. As she closed the door she said, "I know I promised you we could TRY a 3D sonogram, but remember, we have to get through the normal sonogram first and the baby also must be in the right position." I told her I remembered and to please try her hardest. After the normal sonogram she said everything looks good. He is about 4 pounds 10 ounces. He will gain half a pound every week until he is born. So basically, if I deliver Gavin at 40 weeks (no later) he will be 7 pounds 8 ounces. Not too bad! Hopefully I'm not two weeks late because then he will weigh 8 pounds 8 ounces. Ouch. 

O.K. So now.. the moment of truth, was Gavin in a good position for a 3D sonogram? YES!!

 Isn't he just the cutest?? The bottom right side of Gavin is his hand. To see the 3d video live is just amazing. I can't wait to hold him!

Monday March 10th, 2014 Tommy and I had our doctor's appointment. She looked over the sonogram results, took my blood pressure, weighed me (I keep on gaining my one pound a week!), and checked the baby's heartbeat. Everything looks wonderful!

The baby: is the size of a jimaca! Gavin is plumping up and will gain almost half his body weight by the time he is ready to come into the world. This baby fat will help to keep him warm in the outside world. The layer of soft lanugo hair is also starting to shed. 

Mommy's Health: Last week I was so sick with a cold, but thankfully this week I am feeling much better. Plenty of sleep, homemade chicken noodle soup from my mom, and gallons of water all helped me get through that week long cold. 

Week 33: 

Tommy and I keep day dreaming and talking about what life will be like when Gavin arrives. He is so loved and we are going to enjoy being parents.  

The baby: is the size of a pineapple! Gavin's skeleton is hardening although the bones in his skull will not fuse together completely, but will overlap allowing for continued growth all the way up until early adulthood. 

Mommy's Health: On Wednesday (3/19/14) around two in the morning, I woke up sweating. Then thirty seconds later I had cramps that resembled period cramps. The cramps were not really painful, I just haven't had them for months. The cramps didn't last long. My uterus was practicing contracting to get ready for the birthing process. OH BOY! 

Week 34:  

We had a busy week! Friday (3-21-14) Tommy and I ventured out to find a baby shower dress for me! The baby shower is on Sunday, March 30th!! I am so excited! I found an adorable dress, perfect for the occasion and even a matching tie for Tommy!

 Monday (3-24-14) we had a doctors appointment. I didn't gain any weight (well 3 ounces) but the doctor said not to worry... not gaining weight doesn't mean there is anything wrong. I just had a busy week. I'll make up for it next visit! 

Wednesday I had a faculty meeting, so I had to stay after school. 

Thursday Tommy and I had a dentist appointments for a checkup and teeth cleaning. Because of my insurance I had to change from my childhood dentist to a new dentist. Everyone was very nice and asked many questions about Gavin/my pregnancy. I have one small cavity, but the dentist wants to fill it after Gavin is born. Fine with me! 

The baby: is the size of a cantaloupe! The waxy protective coating, vernix, is becoming much thicker this week as the lanugo (hair) continues to shed and may be almost completely gone by now.  Gavin's lungs are continuing to mature in preparation for breathing in the outside world. 

Mommy's Health: 

SO, funny story: I was taking down St. Patty's Day decorations and putting up Easter/Spring decorations. I was decorating the fireplace and apparently I had to pee because when I sneezed... I peed. It trickled down my leg and ended up making a small puddle on the floor. I started laughing hysterically (which only made me pee more). Tommy came running out of the office because he thought I was crying. He saw me laughing and I told him I sneezed and peed. He started laughing and told me I was just as bad as the dogs. He cleaned up my mess (it's getting harder and harder to bend down) and pointed to the toilet and yelled "NO! YOU GO POTTY HERE!" like he does to the dogs.  Oh the perks of being pregnant! 

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