Sunday, October 13, 2013

Overview weeks eight, nine, and ten

The last three weeks have been crazy because of teaching and my endless need for sleep. Honestly, when I wasn't teaching I was sleeping. That has basically been my life. Now let's get into the details!!

WEEK 8: Tommy and I started a pregnancy journal given to me by two of my friends, Jackie and Kasey. Tommy and I document how I'm feeling, pictures, and even little stories about our life for the baby to read when he/she is older. The book is so adorable. One of my teacher friends gave me a journal as well. It is a little different than the one Jackie and Kasey gave me. This one is very detailed, including, emergency numbers, baby registry, budgeting, and facts about the pregnancy. It's more of a planning for the future book. Both journals are being fulfilled in their desire to be used and we love doing it.
My uterus is the size of a grapefruit and I feel bloated at times (usually at the end of the day).

The baby: is the size of a raspberry! This week our baby's ears, eyelids, fingers, and toes are developing. The baby now has wrists and elbows that can flex. Go baby go!

Mommy's Health: Still eating my usual bagels, eggs, hummus, fruit, almonds, and pasta and cheese. The cramps have basically stopped, but the headaches are very much continuing. SO FUN!

WEEK 9: Tommy and I had our doctor's appointment on  Wednesday, September 25, 2013 to discuss the blood work and sonogram. My doctor said everything looked good in the sonogram. As for the blood work, my glucose levels are great, sugar levels are great, no gestational diabetes, great, great, great. There was a couple of MINOR issues with my blood work. 1) I'm not immune to chicken pox, in fact she thought I never had the pox because only a very small trace was found in my blood. Funny, because in first grade I was out of school for almost two weeks with the chicken pox... I had them so bad, on every inch of my body. I have scares to prove it. So she suggested after I have the baby to get the chicken pox vaccine. We'll see. 2) My blood type is B- which means I'm blood type B without RH. RH is a protein in blood cells. My blood cells never had contact with this RH protein because my cells don't make it. It's all fine and dandy, however, we don't know daddy's blood type, he could be a positive blood type which might be passed down to the baby. If so, baby's blood cells could potentially make the RH protein. Which again is all fine, except my blood cells will notice this unfamiliar RH protein and start attacking my baby's cells causing them to blow up and causing a miscarriage.. you're probably thinking "wow, that's not really a minor issue!!" BUT DON'T FREAK OUT LIKE I DID. There is a shot I have to get at 28 weeks that solves this whole problem. 25% of women are B- (just as much as there are left handed women) so it's pretty common (plus I'm left handed, I wonder what the odds of being B- and left handed are?) I also have to get the shot after the birth to stop future miscarriages when I'm ready for baby number two. SIDE NOTE: my doctor did not freak me out with all of this information. She told me right from the beginning there is a shot for this and it's not a big deal, but of course I insisted on knowing every detail. WHICH I am entitled to. So that's that. She also answered my many questions, like what to take for these headaches (Tylenol) and my endless questions concerning midwives. My doctor was very knowledgeable and honest about midwives. She told me good points about midwives and what she (and other mothers) worry about with  midwives. Long story short, she said midwives aren't equipped for really big emergencies (like a C-sections) If I did need to go to the hospital because of an emergency an unfamiliar doctor on duty would deliver my baby because midwives do not work in hospitals. To me, having a stranger deliver my baby is worse then delivering with my doctor in a hospital (who I have been with throughout the whole pregnancy). So it's like a better safe then sorry situation. The emergency situations made Tommy worry (plus he wasn't on board with the midwife in the first place) and now he definitely wants me to deliver in a hospital. Tommy and I talked about how we felt and still have not come to a final decision, but we did decide to visit the hospital I would deliver at and interview a midwife. Both are still in the works.

The baby: is the size of a grape! This week our baby's tail disappears and the hands and feet are looking less like paddles and have formed fingers and toes. The eyes are fully developed. He/she is not an official fetus yet.

Mommy's Health: My new obsession is SUBS. I LOVE turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onions, and mayo. I have been eating subs without turkey because turkey may contain listeria. Listeria is a bacteria that can cause the baby to have food poisoning and miscarriage. So I eat a turkey and cheese sub with the works, hold the turkey.  Still tired and my headaches are stating to calm down.

WEEK 10: THIS WEEK IS ALL ABOUT TOMMY. I love him. He is a wonderful husband and already a wonderful father. I know this because he does anything to make me comfortable. Like, makes me whatever food whenever I want. If we don't have the ingredients, he will get them. Stop picturing a grumpy, angry, spoiled girl (OK monster) sitting in bed with empty wrappers and dirty dishes all over the place screaming, "WHERE ARE YOU I'M STARVING, GO QUICKER THEN THAT I'M STARVING." Because actually, I am very reasonable. I've never made him run out to get me something past 11:00p.m. SEE I'm such as good wife. No, but really, I could be that monster and he would still do everything for me, that's what makes him a good husband. He also rubs my back every night, cleans (more then usual), and cooks for us. I'm beyond blessed to call him my husband.

The baby: is the size of a prune! This week our baby's organs are all formed and beginning to function. He/she is also growing tiny nails on fingers and toes and tiny buds for teeth.


Mommy's Health: Still loving my subs (with no turkey) and the newest craving... GRILLED CHEESE. Healthy grilled cheese of course: whole wheat bread, cooking spray, and unprocessed cheese...dipped in ketchup (ew I can't even write it, but I eat it) I'm SO EXHAUSTED. I work until 3:15, get home around 4:00, sleep until 7:00, wake up, eat, go back to sleep. On a good note, my headaches are practically GONE. I still get them from time to time when I forget to eat a snack.


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