Monday, March 3, 2014

Overview Weeks Twenty-Six,Twenty-Seven, Twenty-Eight

Week 26: This week I started the paper work for my maternity leave. I made an appointment and met with a woman from Human Resources. She explained to me what I need to fill out and what the doctor needs to fill out.  So at my next doctors appointment, I will give my doctor the paper work. That's about all that has happened this week. Nothing too eventful.
The baby: is the size of a cucumber! Gavin's lungs and brain are much more developed. He can detect light and dark through optic nerve. He can also hear outside noises, like people's voices.

Mommy's Health: Everything is wonderful! My back will probably hurt from here on out so, no point in stating my back pain every week.

Week 27: This week Tommy and I put some finishing touches in Gavin's nursery. We found and purchased the perfect rug. It is a navy blue shaggy rug. It is the perfect size, which was my biggest dilemma when I was trying to find a rug. The rug helps the other navy blue nautical decor stand out. It's not the best picture, but here is the rug:

The baby: is the size of a cauliflower! Gavin's immune system and lungs are continuing to mature. His lungs are breathing the amniotic fluid in the womb.


Mommy's Health: Everything is wonderful! We are happy, healthy, and in love!

I know this may sound crazy to some, but that's how Tommy and I roll... On Sunday, February 9th, 2014, we welcomed a new addition into our family. You probably already know Tommy and I have a one and a half year old spoiled Chihuahua named Chloe. Well we thought it would be a good idea to get Chloe a friend/sister so she wouldn't feel as neglected when Gavin arrives. Meet our new seven week old Chihuahua, Riley!

Chloe didn't want anything to do with Riley at first. Now they get along and play, we are still working on the the cuddling and napping together part. We tried to crate train Riley at night, like Chloe, but it turns out Riley is terrified of the crate. She now sleeps in bed with us until she gets a little older, we have plenty of time to train her before Gavin comes. I can't stand to hear my Riley cry or whimper. My motherly instincts have definitely kicked in and all I want to do is hold and kiss her. I cry when I leave for work in the morning because I have to leave her home. If this is an indication of how I will be when Gavin is born, he might as well be glued to my hip.
On Monday we went to the doctor for a baby check up. My blood pressure is good, the baby's heartbeat is good. Everything is great! I do have to get the Rhogam shot (because I am B-) before my next doctor's visit. The visits are now every two weeks!!
The baby: is the size of an eggplant! Gavin's brain has developed even more tissue and has formed grooves on the surface. He now sleeps in regular intervals of twenty to thirty minutes.  


Mommy's Health: Everything is wonderful!

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