Saturday, March 19, 2016

Baby #2 Overview Weeks Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen

Week 13: This week we found out the GENDER of our baby!! DO NOT SCROLL DOWN, JUST ENJOY THE MOMENT. The Harmony test results only took one week this time as apposed to almost 4 weeks like last time! This is super super early! Ok, so here's the scoop...

 My favorite receptionist, Shannon, called me on Monday (a snowy President's Day). My mom and I were off from work for the holiday and Tommy was home because he was sick with the flu. Anyway, Shannon calls and says the harmony test results are in and everything looks great and healthy (my first concern) and she has the gender written down on a piece of paper in an envelope waiting for Tommy to go and pick it up (my second concern).I already knew I wanted to do a balloon reveal, but I didn't want to wait. I had the box and the wrapping paper, but I wasn't expecting the results to come so soon, so nothing was put together. I also wanted to do it in a woodsy area on a snow day, like today, Just then I had a genius idea. My mom, Tommy, Gavin, and I were all here. It was snowing, I have the box and paper, my mom could run out and get balloons, LET'S DO IT TODAY! I told Shannon that I wanted her to tell my mom the gender. I threw the phone at my mom and stared at her face, looking for a reaction... I tried figuring out what we were having! Unfortunately for me, she kept her cool, said "thank you," and hung up the phone. After trying for 30 seconds to get it out of her, I gave up and started decorating the box that would hold the best news! Although I had most of this plan figured out, what about the photographer? Who was going to take the pictures professionally? Luckily, my mom works with a guy who is studying photography and has experience with weddings and other occasions. She messaged him and he ended up getting out of work the same time Gavin usually wakes up from nap. FATE?! Uh, yeah! Tommy (poor guy was sicker than a dog) and I quickly wrapped the box up in baby wrapping paper. My mom took the box to the store, picked out the balloons, and put them inside. Then Tommy, Gavin, and I picked up the photographer and went to a local park with beautiful tree's. The park was closed so we couldn't do much exploring, which was fine because it was cold and still snowing. We found a spot and here are the pictures (we also have it on video!!)

YES! IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Gavin is going to have a little brother!!!!! They are going to grow up together and be best friends!! AHH!!!!!!!! WE ARE SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!

The Baby: is the size of a peach! This week our sweet baby 
is able to move and flex his arms and legs. And I can sometimes feel him, especially at night.

Mommy's Health: The baby and I now need 70g of protein. I eat eggs/egg whites everyday with broccoli, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Oh and of course, cheese. I also still eat chicken most nights. Carbs are still my go to favorite! I take my prenatal vitamin every night and I love yogurt and frozen yogurt. I get plenty of sleep and enjoying my life! I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET MY BABY BOY!

Week 14: Right away we started picking out the nursery theme and baby names. We have some ideas but nothing definite yet. During week 14 last pregnancy I was talking about how much I popped. This pregnancy I feel twice as big as I did last time. What if I have a 10+ pound baby?! I could hardly push through an 8lb 7oz baby!! I need to stop worrying, Lord help me!

The Baby: is the size of a lemon! The baby's face can start to make expressions like squint or frown. Some babies even start growing hair this week! 

Mommy's Health: This week it was my turn to be sick with the flu. But that's not all, I was also hit with a virus where I had diarrhea! SO FUN! At first I thought it was just food poisoning. Tommy and I went to his company's party they throw every year in February. Tommy and I ate the same thing, but I'm the only one who got sick that night. I was so nauseous and sick I ended up laying on the bathroom floor with my mom at 3 in the morning while she watched over me. Seriously, thank God for her. I went to the bathroom three times and passed out in my bed. What an exciting week... After that night I felt better. 

Week 15: This week during my first pregnancy was the time we had our gender revel party. I love this blog. I love looking back at everything I did and learned. I cried looking at the gender reveal pictures and I can't wait to love another baby unconditionally. 

The Baby: is the size of a naval orange! The hair is growing on our son's head and his skin is translucent with blood vessels forming underneath the skin.

Mommy's Health: It's been a non eventful week. I feel great, I have energy, I'm eating fine. I still get dizzy in the mornings, but it goes away after an hour or so.. I just keep hydrated. I hope I feel this great throughout the rest of m pregnancy!  

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