Saturday, April 2, 2016

Baby #2 Overview Weeks Sixteen, Seventeen, and Eighteen

Week 16: On Monday, March 7th 2016, I had a doctor's check up appointment. I had to bring Gavin, so my mom came to hear the baby's heartbeat. We heard the amazing sound of his little heart beating. The doctor asked if I had any questions or concerns and I said no. She said she was concerned about my weight. I didn't gain a lot since the last time I was there a month ago. Here we go again... this happened last pregnancy. I eat so much!! I'm not worried because Gavin weighed 8lbs 7oz when he was born and is healthy as a horse!

This time during my first pregnancy, Tommy and I registered at Babies R Us. Unfortunately, we are not having a baby shower/sprinkle for this baby. Even though I can reuse many of Gavin's things, I don't have everything I need. We will do something else to celebrate our special new addition to our family. 

I did pick out the nursery theme! A nature theme! The colors are beige,dark brown, and white, with little pops of green. I have some great ideas, but I can't start until after Gavin's 2nd birthday party... I have way too much to do for that. I have the whole summer to prepare for baby boy. 

The Baby: is the size of an avocado. His limbs are much more developed. His arms are longer and are becoming more controlled in movement. His skeletal system is developing more as calcium is deposited onto the bones.

Mommy's Health: I am feeling great! The baby moves ALL THE TIME!! He's constantly rolling over, kicking, and moving. I'm eating healthy, no headaches, full of energy! PLEASE LET IT STAY THIS WAY!!!

Week 17: This week I was worried about having two babies. How could I possibly have enough room in my heart to love another child as much as I love Gavin? How do I make sure Gavin is getting enough attention while I'm nursing and bonding with my second baby? Will I sleep? By the way I'm not listening to any advice on this one... everyone said I wouldn't get any sleep when Gavin was born. By six weeks he slept 12 hours and took two 2-hour naps. Now he is almost 2 and sleeps 12 hours a night and takes a 3 hour nap. I sleep more now than I did before Gavin. Actually I was told a lot of advice that was wrong. Every child is different, some advice was wrong, and other things no one ever told me about. But thankfully, people haven't been giving me much advice since this is my second child. (Two thumbs up). ANYWAY, these thoughts of having two kids were keeping me up at night. I even cried thinking about how I can't spend all my time with my first born. I know these thoughts are completely normal and once the new baby is born everything will work out.I will love them both unconditionally. I already do!  

The Baby: is the size of a potato! The baby has mastered some simple reflexes such as swallowing and blinking. He may even get hiccups (awe!). Fat is also forming underneath the skin to help prepare him for the temperature change from inside the womb to the outside world.

Mommy's Health: It's starting to get a little uncomfortable sleeping with this growing belly. I sleep on my side and my belly is being pushed down and squished against the mattress. I have a Boppy I slept with throughout my pregnancy with Gavin, but it is in the storage. My husband went once to try and find it and came back unsuccessful. The next warm day I am going to have to go with him to find it, I know exactly what box it is in... wish me luck! 

Week 18: We... well, I, found my Boppy!!! Now I can sleep comfortably. The baby is moving around so much. I wake up to him kicking first thing in the morning, I feel him after every meal, and he is most active when I'm relaxing before bed. I love it, every movement, every kick, my heart skips a beat. I just want to hold and kiss him!!

The Baby: is the size of a sweet potato! Many of the bones in his body are starting to harden. The first bones to develop are the inner ear, which means he is able to start hearing sounds such as my heartbeat or my tummy growling. 

Mommy's Health: Happy and Healthy!

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